In Terms of Degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius Our Part of Florida has One of the Healthiest & Most Livable Climates in the World

When You've Got It Bad, We've Got It Good
The fabled "three seasons climate" of Marion Oaks is a result of our protected inland location. During the summer months breezes from both the Gulf and Atlantic converge over Central Florida to keep our temperature moderate, bringing with them cooling afternoon showers that you can set your watch by. These breezes also influence our mild winters where occasional northwesterly winds clear the air and bring out the sweaters. The spring and fall seasons are long and glorious, giving us over 300 days of sunshine each year. To illustrate that point records at the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration show that the mean temperature in Marion County is a comfortable 70.3 with average minimum of 58.7 and an average maximum of 81.9.

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Close Enough to Both Coasts to be Convenient, Far Enough Away to Keep You Safe & Secure

Don't worry. Marion Oaks' protected inland location in the heart of Florida's rolling hill country is far enough from the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico to provide a natural buffer from tropical disturbances. In fact, major tropical storms in this part of Florida are unheard of as evidenced by the map of the tracks of the major named storms of the Twentieth Century.



HIGH 71 91
MEAN 59 81
LOW 46 70

Average Rainfall: 2.7 Inches - 8.1 Inches

Average Yearly Relative Humidity: 77%

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